Thursday, December 28, 2006

What's new with Bonnie 12/28/2006

Howdy Ya'll! I figured I would start my very own blog since everyone seems to have one now. I'm an alien abductee, been one my whole life. Actually, I like to say "contactee," because it sounds nicer and most of my experiences have been on the positive side.

Anyhow, here's the latest news:

UFO Magazine (United States version) will begin publishing my monthly comic strip in January 2007. It's all about UFOs, the government coverup and cheese--government cheese, that is. If you could see me when I'm drawing them, it's hilarious. I laugh practically the entire time and sometimes make the same faces my characters end up with (I'm the model, don't ya know?). So I'm excited about becoming a published cartoonist.

I published my first book last year, Invitation to the Self; journey with the star people, and I'm also making my own Tshirts at Cafe Press. Of course, the Tshirts will have funny pictures of aliens and government cheese--what else? This is the first image available on the Tshirt:

The aliens are a bit confused about where the cheese comes from and how to get it themselves without going through those nasty government agents who make them dance and do stupid party tricks.

I've done single frame cartoons like this (which are available on my website: but for the magazine I'll be doing actual strips of frames to tell a short story each time. This helps the readers who will only see the comics once a month.

Anyone is welcome to use the comic images--print them out, color them, throw darts at them, whatever. Have fun. Enjoy life.

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Niterayne said...

I love it. You are very talented