Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wake UP to The Reality of Contact

Are you an alien abductee? Or are you a lifelong contactee and friend of the star people? Mary Rodwell, an Australian counselor who works with contactees and abductees talks about the interesting people she’s met and worked with. Many of the new children being born now have a keen awareness of who they are and they talk openly about their experiences with the star people. Some even speak the same language that they picked up on spaceships.

We may all have genetics from off-planet. Different groups of star people have been creating hybrid children for quite some time now, this is nothing new. How much of your DNA is actually human? Do you feel a longing to go “home?”

Please watch Mary Rodwell and learn more about contactees. Also check out for Bonnie’s website and forum.

ACERN - The Australian Close Encounter Resource Network is Mary Rodwell’s website.

Click here to see the Mary Rodwell conference video.

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