Friday, February 23, 2007

Female Star People

A friend of mine, Martin at, asked me about my experience with female star people. It was a very good question, one that I hadn’t put enough thought into.
From personal experience and what I’ve heard others say, female star people are rarely seen. When they are, it is a memorable event. I have thought about some of my encounters with female star people, and I will share them here.

One special lady, a quiet, timid being standing approximately 6’ tall, waited patiently against a far wall for me to notice her. Her skin was a pale, creamy color and her short hair was a very light blonde. I was busy looking over the pile of my baby pictures resting on a desk. I was confused about how they got all those photos of me—they even had young photos of my parents. A hesitant male star person approached and asked me to join him. I got up and we walked together toward the female star lady. She seemed apprehensive, almost fearful. I didn’t pay too much attention to her, because I was still wondering about the photos. The male said to me, “This is your mother.” I turned my head away and stuck my nose in the air, replying defiantly, “That’s not my mother. I already have a mother.” And I went back to the desk with the photos. I felt it was an insult to my human mother, especially now when I was upset over the photos they had “stolen” from my family and kept here on this ship. The female was clearly distraught, disappointed by my callous response. She and the male went to an upper floor of the ship, and I left. This star lady was nervous, perhaps with good reason. At times, my reactions have been sporadic and unpredictable—even the star people are sometimes wary.

On another occasion, I was just waking from a visitation, and I looked out my bedroom window to see three V-shaped craft above my house, flying away. I thought, “I wish they didn’t have to go yet. I barely even remember that visit.” I lay back down and entered an altered state of consciousness. A knock on the back door got me out of bed. I answered and, much to my surprise, discovered a lovely female star person standing on the top step. She was only about 4’ tall, with pale, almost white skin, medium-sized black almond eyes, and clothed in a flowing, multi-colored fabric that covered her rotund body and head. I thought she was beautiful. She had an air of authority, and I got the impression she was in charge of this mission. I would not be surprised if she was a leader aboard the ships. She matter-of-factly stated that they were very proud of me, and that my unique energy had affected certain things around my house (the one object I remember was a small plastic bottle of eyedrops). This female star person was loving, caring, knowledgeable, and in charge.

On another occasion, a ship landed in my yard and a group of small star people came out (males, as usual). However, a female also exited the craft and came toward me. She appeared to be in charge of what they were doing, and she gave directions to the others. She spoke to me and explained what was happening. We were to go on a two-week excursion (but it would only be about 2-3 hours Earth time). I told her that I had a strange experience right before they showed up—I was lifted into the air and spun about, unable to move until I found myself waking in my bed. The star lady replied, “Oh! I was just warming you up!” This female was confident and in charge.

During a different experience, a female star person sat on my bed with me and performed a delicate operation, which was either egg extraction or perhaps embryo extraction. She was empathetic and caring, realizing I was uncomfortable. She performed the operation quickly and gently, while not allowing the two males in the room to get near me. It is a difficult event for me to re-live, but I know the star lady was as careful as she could be, and she did seem to be in charge of what was happening.

These are just some of my experiences with female star people. My favorite was meeting my three young hybrid children, all female. But that’s another story.

Why are female star people rarely seen? Perhaps they work behind the scenes, providing direction for the male workers. In almost all instances, they appear to be in leadership positions. Do some of the star people live in a matriarchal society? Maybe they do.


Chloe TimeWalker said...

Hi Bonnie,
I think because I was involved in the program to help more hybrid children be born. I was around many more alien females. I really found that they covered the scope of female personalities just like here on earth. I found them all sorts of different roles too.
Many of them were successful hybrids themselves and maybe that s why they seemed more human to me. I don't know but I really had positive experiences with all of them that I encountered.

Bonnie Jean Hamilton said...

Hi Chloe,
Thanks for sharing your experience with the female star people. They do seem to be more gentle than the males. And also the ones I've met had personalities just like humans do. All star people have their own personalities, except those that seem to be of a "hive mind," working in unison with the same movements. It seems like they are not individuals but more like a group entity.

Renata said...

Well said.