Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Psychic Attack / MILAB on February 2, 2007

Early this morning, a group of military psychics attacked me. A tall man of medium build wearing an army uniform forced me to swallow a dangerous drug that I knew could perhaps be fatal. He had just showed me other people on the drug who were shaking uncontrollably, had no muscular control, and were muttering incoherently, drooling with a dazed look in their eyes. This drug was in the form of an approximately 1 ½ inch long, thin white pill. I managed to break off a section off this pill and only swallow ¼ of the entire amount, knowing that the full dosage could kill me, but thinking that I may be able to handle ¼ of the dosage. I threw the remainder of the drug in a wastebasket as this military officer and I walked through a short hallway leading to a dark room. I was forced to enter the room and then the door was locked behind me. The room was almost completely dark; I could see furniture and a couple lamps. I tried to turn a lamp on, but there was no power. I tired to find a way to bring some light to the room, as I felt the effects of the drug begin to take hold. I fought the drug and was able to maintain control over my body. At this time, I woke in my bed. My heart was beating rapidly, so I immediately calmed myself by visualizing my body filling with a soothing white light. This visualization calmed my body enough that my heartbeat began to slow down, but I was not able to hold the imagery for long. When it slipped from me, my heart began to race again. I thought about happy times and imagined myself in those settings, hoping to control the accelerated heartbeat. This technique worked as long as I could hold the imagery in my mind. I did this for about an hour until I fell back into sleep.

I was then in a room with a tall, thin woman with short black hair. We were supposedly on vacation together in Cancun, Mexico. Well, I’ve been there before, and this was definitely not Cancun. The woman asked me about my family and myself. She wanted to know what my husband did for a living and how my children were doing in school. This seemed to be opening conversation to try and get me to open up to her. I was reluctant to talk to her, so I did not tell her very much. I walked with this woman to another area where I saw my husband. I told him that I had just met this woman and she was asking me questions about my personal life. My husband then said to me, “Haven’t you seen that woman before? About a week ago?” And I turned to look at her and then recognized her as a psychic attacker that I had met before. She quickly hid her face and I woke in my bed.

The night before last, I did my first audio interview with a friend of mine who hosts a website about time travel and alien abduction, among other things ( Perhaps this psychic attack was somehow retaliation for my speaking out in the interview. Well, this attack accomplished one thing—it has pissed me off.

*added note--My friend who conducted the interview has informed that he woke with a nosebleed this morning.


Anonymous said...

This is very bizarre. I have experienced very similar symptoms when I began to study the whole ufo/alien abduction phenomena. I vividly remember awakening sometime after 3am with an elevated heart rate that stayed with me for 3 days (even while sleeping!) My heart was beating so hard and fast, I thought it would have just beaten right out of my chest at any minute! Is this kind of thing normal? I attributed the symptoms to stress from a poor sleep cycle (which has been totally out of whack ever since this incident), even though there were no stressful elements to my life at the moment, quite the contrary to be honest. What I couldn't rationally dismiss were repeating thoughts of "There is nothing to learn" on the first day of the "attack" (this is after immediately awakening sometime at 3), then "It's all a big hoax" on day two, and "I'm wasting my time by studying this" on day three. All coming out of nowhere! I tried breathing exercises and meditation to help combat the symptoms but to no avail. On the 3rd day, after no signs of improvement, I went to my doctor to get myself checked out and, lo and behold, as soon as I touched the doorknob to his office, everything seemed to go back to normal. My doctor found nothing wrong with me. I've never had anything like this happen to me, or anyone else in my family before. I suppose there is a possibility that there could be a more rational explanation for my incident (maybe it's all psychosomatic?) I find it highly unlikely though, as I've always had a keen interest in the unknown. After reading your article, then another on ( I'm a firm believer that these types of attacks can and do happen.

Bonnie Jean Hamilton said...

Yes, it is bizarre! Unfortunately, it is a very real occurrence that happens to many people. Sometimes we don't recall the exact events because it takes place in an altered state of consciousness. If we can recall it like it happened, that's one step closer to realizing that a secret faction within the US government does not want us to know about alien visitors (and they especially don't want us talking about it after we have learned about it!).

Even if your experience was psychosomatic, something caused it to happen. Whether someone attacks you psychologically or physically it hurts! The drug I was forced to take during my psychic attack caused me to experience physical discomfort--that doesn't mean I physically swallowed the drug; it may have been a symbolic image that made me believe I would become ill. Either way, I was attacked on February 2nd, and it certainly was not the first time. I've been dealing with this my entire life and I'm 38 years old now!