Sunday, April 15, 2007

What happens during Alien Abduction?

What happens during Alien Abduction?
I will talk about the actual process of a sleeping person taken from their bed by aliens or star people. Of course, this process may vary with the individual and also with any particular event; it can change. There are, however, common elements that have been noted by many abductees and contactees.
I will give examples to best demonstrate the process:

1. I am lying on my bed, awake. I am trying to go to sleep, but I’m not really tired. Suddenly, my muscles relax and my body becomes heavy. It seems my body is growing tired but my mind is still aware and my eyes are open. I begin to hear a loud sound and realize it is inside my head. The sound is almost like a siren that gets louder and louder and repeats itself. I am amazed at what is happening to me, and I keep my eyes wide open to watch. I feel my body moving toward the floor. I then realize three small aliens are pulling me out of bed by my shoulders. I feel the movement of going down at a slight angle toward the floor. I look over to my right side and see my physical body still lying on the bed! I must be in a different body—perhaps my astral body; whatever it is, I am aware, awake, and able to observe my surroundings. The aliens pull me completely out of my physical body and carry me through the wall. We all pass right through the wall of the house—I can feel the density or thickness of the building material, but it is not difficult to pass through in this astral body.

2. I am lying on my bed, drifting off to sleep. I suddenly hear three loud knocks on the bedroom window. I sit up in the bed and look toward the window, but I see nothing unusual. I lie back down and drift off to sleep. When I open my eyes, I am still lying in my bed. At the foot of my bed are two aliens looking at me. They do not seem threatening. I sit up, bring my feet to the floor, and stand up. The aliens leave my bedroom and walk down the hallway. I follow them. When I look back toward the bedroom, I see my physical body lying on the bed. This is a bit frightening, but I know I can return to my body when I am ready to. The star people and I walk out the front door, through the front yard and into their spaceship.

3. I am lying on my bed, drifting off to sleep when I start to feel a tingling sensation as though I have a slight case of “pins and needles” all over my body. I am not able to move. To my left, toward the bedroom doorway, I see a tall star person moving closer to me. Three smaller aliens follow him into the room and toward me. They surround my bed and I slowly begin to float. They walk by my side as I am floated out my bedroom and outside the house. I hear a screeching kind of sound, almost like a sharp beeping noise, and I realize they are speaking. The tingling sensation continues as I enter their spaceship.

4. I am lying on my bed, asleep. I open my eyes and discover that I am standing outside my house with two star people. I am confused because I thought I just went to sleep, but here I am wide-awake. I am not sure which reality I am in…physical, astral, or some other alternate reality. Whatever it is, I am consciously aware and standing here with two aliens. How did I get here? I am not sure. One of the star people opens his hand and a glowing sphere of white light appears in his open palm. Then he says to me, “Can you do this?” I must be hearing him telepathically, because I did not see his lips move. I hold open the palm of my hand and with great concentration, I am able to create a white ball of brilliant light. The star people smile at me and I suddenly feel my consciousness leaving; I become disoriented and find myself lying in my bed once again, unable to move for about 10 seconds. I sit up and am now in my physical body for sure.

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Sue said...

Hey Bonnie, Just surfing through. I see we share some of the same interests. Let me know if you'd like to swap blog links. I will also add your main site to my own at at our May update. Cheers from Toronto!

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your page! It seems I've searched for someone with similar experiences forever and always hit a wall. I've traveled out of body for as long as I can remember, but recently was pulled out of body by an unknown entity. It made me wonder how long they've been pulling me out of body? Was I just unconscious when they did it before? This thing yanked me out of my physical body very quickly, almost like the air leaving your lungs. It paced back and forth around the foot of my bed. Very tall, albino like skin, brilliant blue eyes, jutting forehead like a neanderthal, and dressed oddly in a monk like robe. It tries to pull me out of body around 3-5 times but since it takes me without permission, it scares me and i silently say, "back in" my keyword to return to my physical body. Seconds later it yanks me right back out and I then force myself right back in. I sense irritation from it as the tug of war ensues. I'm not sure if it's frustrated by my fear, or the fact that I'm consciously aware when its trying to take me and I resist. This leads me to wonder if alien abductions are not physical but on an etheric level? Or maybe both levels? Do you know what type if alien this might be? Do you ever feel afraid? Or is fear a natural warning? But do I fear the entity, or simply the unknown? Thanks so much.

Bonnie Jean Mitchell said...

Hello Friend,
The entity that keeps pulling you out of your body sounds a bit menacing. I'm glad you have your own keyword to get back into your body - very clever! Good for you. I'm not sure what type of being you are encountering, but it needs to leave you alone if you don't want to go.

Alien abductions happen on the etheric level.

Yes, sometimes I am afraid, but I quickly regain my composure to make sure I have control of the situation. Using fear as a warning system is fine, but do not let it overwhelm you and control you. That's just what the negative beings want you to do.

Perhaps you should try putting up a strong astral/etheric shield around yourself. I made a free meditation audio for everyone to use. It can help you ground,center, and shield. Try it out: alien abduction help meditation

Carol B said...

my abductions experiences I think ended about 15 years ago when I had breast cancer. I can remember a tingling sensation in my feet which travelled up my whole body. Also one night I looked up at my bedroom ceiling and saw a purple light which made me sleepy and eventually knocked me out. I also remember levitating through the bedroom ceiling and bony fingers holding me. At one time I had to remove the finger as it was digging into my skin. Sometimes I tried to fight it but eventually gave in. I subconsciously knew it was of no use. One night I could hear a sound which was like an animal snorting to the side of me,not human. I cannot remember what happened to me after these events and cannot remember seeing any aliens, so I am not really 100 per cent sure that it was an abduction. I have had many dreams of looking out of a spaceship window at the planets and wonder whether this was real or not.One night robotic voices woke me up and I ran to the bedroom window and saw a strange light in the distance moving away. Does this make any sense at all to you? My feelings are that I am now too old at 62 to be of any use to these beings. Carol B.