Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Alien activity increasing

UFO sightings are increasing, governments are releasing their UFO files, Earth Changes are happening, and the star people are returning. During an approximately five year period (1988-1993) I experienced weekly visitations from various types of star people. They taught me about the interconnectedness of all beings in all worlds, mulitdimensional travel, communication between the worlds, psychic self-defense, the pole shift and Earth changes, releasing my fears, recognizing and comprehending my inner self, and my connection to all the energy that makes up the universe. Then, they left. They told me that I was ready to progress on my own, and there were others that needed their assistance in preparing for things to come.

After that time, I saw the star people only a couple times a year. Now, in 2007, they are returning. Between March 17th, 2007 -May 15th, 2007 I have seen the star people 5 times. And I also woke with a scoop mark on my leg one morning.

April 26, 2007 encounter: Waking in the alternate reality (a consciously aware altered state), I found myself standing outside at night in a clearing surrounded by trees. I immediately looked up to see a rather large convoy of spacecraft moving slowly across the sky. There were approximately 13-15 ships, some with odd shapes. The most impressive was a huge, 4-5 city blocks in length rectangular mothership that appeared to have pipes and valves on its underside. Next to this ship was an extraordinary craft shaped with what looked like X's and O's from a tic-tac-toe board. I had never seen anything like it before.

These two spacecraft were flanked by smaller, more streamlined craft that resembled military jets, but were clearly not Earthly in origin. There was no sound. I was awestruck, but could not pass up an opportunity to greet them. I waved my arms and caught the attention of one smaller "jet" that gently flew down toward me. I saw two pilots in what would be the cockpit area. They were dressed in blue and white plastic-looking armor, and their helmets were long and thin, so I have no idea what they looked like underneath.

When the ship was close, it hovered near me (just above and to the left of where I was standing). One of the pilots reached out his hand to me. I stretched and reached out my hand to him and our fingers touched, although his were inside a thick glove. I smiled and said, "Hi," and he tried to grab my hand and pull me into the ship. I released my fingers and shook my head "no" while still smiling. The ship rose and rejoined the convoy. I watched as it flew out of sight.

Clearly, there is some activity going on. On another occasion, I was inside a ship while a human abductee was brought aboard. This was March 25, 2007. The abductee was asleep the entire time and had a brief medical examination before she was returned to her home. I did not focus on her, however, because I was amazed at the clarity of the event and how easily I could understand the star people, what they were doing, and how easily they moved (not in a jittery fashion at all). I believe this has something to do with the energy changes the planet is going through now.


The Angel Whisperer said...

I totally agree with you Bonnie...

Infinite Love,
The Angel Whisperer

Chloe TimeWalker said...

Hi Bonnie,
Thanks so much for everything you! :)
I tend to wake up with the memories of contact. Sometimes startling awake having felt them leave after having astral experiences of being with them.
I too didn't have anything happen for several years until March of this year.
I'm so happy they're back :)

hoi polloi said...

Hi Bonnie, just wondered if you knew that some aliens walk among us already! I live in a community that's quite full of them. At first I was afraid, but they don't bother me so live and let live I guess :) Good to find your blog!

Bonnie Jean Hamilton said...

Hoi, Chloe, and Angel,
Thanks for your comments! Yes, I am well aware that aliens or star people walk among us already. :-)
I know that many of us are hybrids, with alien DNA mixed in with our human DNA. And I don't think it's that unusual anymore; not only have the star people been creating hybrid children for many years now, but there's a good chance that the human species partly originated off-planet.
So, maybe we're all star people!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie, I have a small scooped out "vaccination looking" mark on my upper left shoulder. My 14 year old son was disturbed by it when he noticed it. It just appeared one day out of no ware. What do you think?

Bonnie Jean Hamilton said...

Hi Anonymous,
About your scoop mark -- do you have any other information to go along with it? Do you recall any weird dreams or anything unusual around that time?
How large is the scoop mark?

Anonymous said...

Hi Again Bonnie,

We always have a lot of strange things going on around us, but I didn't think much about it until I looked at this mark closer. It is white in appearance, small but deep.

We have had several sightings of UFO's in our area and on my birthday as well.

I am not afraid of the aliens at all. I have always felt they are here to assist us. But, I am sure there are others that are not as nice; just as humans.

Thank you for your time!:)

Anonymous said...

Adding to my last comment -- I always have weird dreams! LOL! So, I can't pinpoint a specific dream.

Bonnie Jean Hamilton said...

Well, if you think the little scoop mark is a vaccination scar, then it probably is. I've seen plenty of the little scoop marks before, and I've even seen a vaccination scar that was about 4 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide!

It's good that you are not afraid of the star people/aliens. It doesn't do any good to be afraid--cautious, yes, but not afraid.

There are definitley nice aliens and mean aliens, just like there are nice humans and mean humans. Some people don't understand that; they think that it must be one way or the other (good vs. evil), but the star people are actually a lot like us.

Anonymous said...

There are SO many people with scoop mark/chicken pox scar in the VERY middle of their foreheads. I beleive this is alien in origin and represents the 'third eye'. The sun is changing and maybe will interact with our pineal gland making us more aware? What do you think?

Bonnie Jean Hamilton said...

Hello Friends,
Yes, I do believe that the sun is helping us wake up by activating our DNA. I know that getting too much sun may not be good for your least, that's what we've been taught...but I believe that getting some sunshine on your skin is one of the best things you can do for yourself. So go put your smiling face in the sun!!!

david said...

After I read about scoop marks, I began to look out for them. It is surprising how many people have them. They seem to be more common on girls. The mark is usually about 1/4" above the right eyebrow and about 1" off centre. The diameter is 1/8", and the surrounding skin is flat and smooth. There may be an alien connection, but I have not asked if the person has any knowledge of this.