Monday, July 16, 2007

How to recall alien visitations:

Grounding and Centering

In order to do any kind of meditative, intuitive, or inner workings of the mind and spirit, first ground and center yourself. This visualization exercise will aid you in finding answers and recalling visits with the star people. Bring a spiral notebook and pen with you. Find the most peaceful place you can; sit under a tree, lay in an open field, or get comfortable in your bedroom. Close your eyes and begin to relax each muscle group from your toes to the top of your head. Take your time and make sure every bit of your body is loose, without tension. Now imagine roots coming out of your body and going down into the Earth. Just like a tree, your roots connect you to the planet and give you a strong, firm foundation. Your roots go down deep into the solid ground, and you can feel them take hold. This helps give your energy body balance when searching your mind for memories.

When you are sure your roots are strong and firmly buried within the Earth, begin to feel the source of life within your body. Everyone has a center; that place where your energy settles and feels at home. Some feel it in the solar plexus or the chest; it varies according to individuality. This is the spot where your silver cord emerges from your physical body and connects you to other levels of your self. Find the spot where you feel comfortable centering your energy and feel the strength of your spirit in that place. Imagine a beautiful white light coming from this place within you. It fills your entire body until you are glowing.

Now that you are relaxed, think back to a time you want to remember. Recall the small details you consciously know of. Think about what you know in as much detail as possible. New flashes of memory will come into your mind. Try not to grab them too quickly—your mind is releasing this information. Relax and watch or listen (however you can perceive it) and just let it flow for as long as you can. Relax as new feelings and insights come to you. When you are ready, open your eyes and record the information in a notebook. Focus on recording the new information for as long as you can, and do not become distracted.

If you have trouble grounding and centering, try again. Figure out what bothered you before and fix it. Perhaps you need a more quiet location where you can concentrate. And, just like anything, relaxing takes practice.

Many Blessings, Bonnie Jean Hamilton

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