Monday, August 13, 2007

Bonnie Jean Hamilton
alien abduction book, alien Tshirts, UFO Magazine comic

The true alien abduction story of life-long contactee Bonnie Jean Hamilton. Including: good star people, bad aliens, alien hybrids, alien implants, the secret government, the alternate reality, energy manipulation, earth changes, milabs, transcending consciousness, and examples of how to defend yourself against alien abduction, military abduction, and psychic attack.

UFOs are Real! And so is the Govt-UFO Conspiracy!
It all comes down to government cheese--the aliens are hooked on it.
And now they want to get the cheese by themselves (those government agents make them do stupid tricks). Ever wonder how cow abduction got started?
This alien Tshirt explains everything.
Now you can reveal the truth to the world!

The alien cartoon "The Cheese is Out There" develops monthly in UFO Magazine.
Does alien abduction have anything to do with cheese?
It very well may -- government cheese!
Observe real aliens (real desperate aliens) in real life situations.

Bonnie Jean Hamilton hosts a supportive website for alien abductees and contactees.
The alien abduction phenomenon is a very real experience, but laughter is still the best medicine! If you need help, please visit:


matthew delooze said...

hello bonny lass,

What a smashing photo. A lovely smile from a lovely lady.

best wishes

Lesley said...

Hi Bonnie!

I enjoy your cartoon in ufo mag and just wanted to say hi!