Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Connection to Each Other and the Star People

Hello. My name is Bonnie Jean Hamilton and I am a life-long contactee. I have known the "star people" since I was a baby. I think they are multidimensional beings; they aren’t just from other planets, they are sharing the same time and space we humans are, but existing on a different vibrational frequency than us. The fact that they may be from other planets is kind of irrelevant when you consider how important it is that we can be in constant, close contact with the star people just by opening up to their energy vibrations.

I attended what you might call the "star people school" when I was about 19 to 23 years old. For years, they taught me how to manipulate energy in this reality and in other dimensional spaces where consciousness exists (I call it the alternate reality). It was sometimes scary, and it was always challenging. They taught me how to defend myself against negative alien entities and government psychic attackers. Most of all, they taught me more about my connection to all beings in this limitless multiverse we live in. I recorded my experiences for about 20 years and then I wrote a book. I believe one of the most important things I could tell anyone is about our connection to each other.

All the people on this Earth, no matter what culture or lifestyle, share the same fate. People with money and people with no money share the same fate. Do you think you are separate from someone who is completely different than you - someone who has a different belief system? You are not. You are the same inside; you have a Spirit that is connected to all Spirits. We are not separate from each other, we are One. The people you meet are little pieces of yourself, and you are a little piece of them. Together, we are God. (Hamilton, p.153-154)

Whether you consider yourself a religious person or a spiritual person does not matter; you’re part of it and there’s no way out. ;-) So, if you want to meet a star person, open your heart and mind and speak aloud to them. If you go into a dark, quiet place, it will help you concentrate. Make sure you have good intentions—you sure don’t want to call any negative beings over for a visit! And always be careful what you ask for, because you may very well get it.

I host a supportive website for abductees and contactees at where I just recently started a forum for experiencers to discuss issues. I’m available at the forum for questions and any advice I can give. Many Blessings!

Reference: Hamilton, Bonnie Jean. (2005). Invitation to the Self; journey with the star people. Morrisville, NC: Lulu Publishing.


Anonymous said...

I attended what you might call the "star people school" when I was about 19 to 23 years old. For years, they taught me how to manipulate energy in this reality and in other dimensional spaces where consciousness exists I've heard many people describe similar events where they have been taught to walk through walls and such, but they were only able to do so while in the presence of the visitors. Are your lessons in any way similar to what Qi Gong, Tai Chi or other internal energy practitioners would receive (combination of moving meditations and physical exercises)? Or is it something entirely different (purely mental?) Is there an experiment I could do, or is this purely for the initiated folk such as yourself? Great blog btw...


Bonnie Jean Hamilton said...

The energy manipulation I learned from the star people is very effective when I am in an alternate reality, whether the star people are around or not. It makes sense that most people can do things like walk through walls when they are with the star people because visitation takes place in an alternate reality (or alternate state of consciousness).

These teachings of energy manipulation are more on a mental level than a physical one; however, these energy teachings can be used in the physical reality in the sense that we create everything around us and everything that happens to us.

In the alternate reality, Out-of-Body Experiences, astral plane, and in dream states, I can use my thoughts to create objects and to transport my entire being to a remote location; whatever my mind can focus on, I can accomplish.

We are made of an energy that never dies; even when we lose our physical manifestation, we continue to live in other planes of existence. Obviously, this energy is extremely powerful and, if you know how to focus your energy and concentrate on your intent, you can do anything.

In your physical state of awareness, you can come up with an idea and then bring your thought to life by acting on it. It could be anything. For example, suppose you wake up tomorrow morning and say to yourself, "I want to learn the names of the constellations." You sit down and think about how to accomplish this feat. You decide to go to the local library and check out an astronomy book and study the star charts. If you really want to learn the names of the constellations, and you put your mind to it, you will make it happen. That is just one example of using your energy and intent in the physical world.

Obviously, this pertains to much larger plans as well. You may wake up tomorrow morning and decide to start a foundation that ultimately eliminates all the landfills in the world and recycles everything we waste.

Your energy may also be used to understand everyone around you and everything that happens to you. This is a bit more in-depth; basically, you shut out most of the outside influences (all the noises and commotion of the modern world) and feel your environment using only your subtle energy.

Have you heard people who say they're "empathic?" Well, we all are--that's because we're all connected by this energy. That's how, if you take the time and make an effort, you know how your best friend feels without them telling you. You can just "sense" it. And if you take that idea and apply it to other people you haven't even met yet, you can feel their energy as well.

There are many, many benefits to understanding this energy we are made of. I was fortunate to already feel it strongly when I was a little girl. Then the star people taught me how to manipulate energy, and I am still learning about it by observing things that happen in my everyday life.

You don't have to wait for someone else to tell you how to use your subtle energy; you can learn it on your own by opening your mind to the fact that not everything is as it seems. Look deeper and see the foundation that this world rests on. Look with your own eyes and learn.

You can try using your energy in a dream state by focusing on any object. It could be anything, but you may want to try focusing first on your hand (since you know it's going to be right there). In your dream, bring your hand up to your face and study it for as long as you can. Look at every line and notice the color of your skin; take in every detail. This exercise is basically working that thinking muscle, training it to focus and keep its attention still. You will notice that the dream becomes more clear and focused and vivid, because you are pulling your awareness into a new state of consciousness. This is a good beginning exercise to start training your mind to focus in a dream state. You will eventually be able to use your energy to fly, dematerialize/rematerialize your atoms, walk through walls, or whatever else you can think of.

Many Blessings, Bonnie Jean Hamilton :-)