Saturday, September 27, 2008

Merkabah and Ascension

During these times of great change in our energy frequencies, it is vital that we learn about the Merkabah, the energetic light vehicle around our bodies, that allows interdimensional travel. We are in the process of ascending into a new state of consciousness, moving from the third to fourth dimension. Be happy and positive in your thoughts, as you are now responsible for creating your own reality, literally. Please watch Drunvalo's 19 part series about the Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry, and the Merkabah on Youtube. It explains what the universe is made of and what we are capable of. Please learn about the Merkabah and visualize it around your body for protection against negative energies and for interdimensional travel.

Many Blessings, Bonnie Jean Hamilton


Megan Elder said...


Thank you for responding. It is so relieving to know that there is someone I can talk to. I've tried talking to my husband, but he always seems to change the subject. By the way, what is your blogger email address? My computer is set up for work, so I am unable to email anyone from email links (like Blogger).


Bonnie Jean Hamilton said...

Please feel free to visit the Forum at my website. I and other friendly abductees/contactees help advise those dealing with alien abduction and other bizarre phenomena.