Monday, March 9, 2009


On March 7, 2009, I did a radio interview with November Hanson on the Voice of the People Radio, airing on UPRN 105.3 FM New Orleans and across the Internet. It will be archived here:

It was a great two-hour conversation about the etheric nature of alien abduction, the fact that alien abductees come from all walks of life and from all over the world, and some advice for abductees: protect yourself with subtle energy (try this free meditation I put together, it's a 30 minute audio), stand your ground by exerting your will and letting your wishes be known, and leave a light on at night if you are scared of the dark. You've got to face your fear, whatever it is, abductee or not. Do not let your fear control you! If you think you might be an abductee and you need help, contact Bonnie Jean Hamilton through the Forum at

We discussed the "dumbing down" of America through television programming, chemical additives in food, prescription drugs, and desensitization to violence and horror, controlling the populace through fear. We spoke about chemtrails, military abductions (MILABS), and the secrets kept by those who control this planet (the secret government, shadow government, Illuminati, Brotherhood, Masons, whatever you call them). I spoke about the raising of vibrational frequencies and consciousness around the planet and a shifting of awareness leading up to December 21, 2012. We spoke about the power of thought, how thought is the tool that we put energy into and take action on to manifest our desires and create our own personal realities.

People, it is time to WAKE UP. Take a good look at your life and make some decisions about the way you are living. Are you happily following your dreams and living your life the way you want? Or are you dwelling in negativity, intolerant of others, drudging through each day, not looking forward to the next? It is time to take control of your life. The Earth is changing, and every living creature is either going to change with it or be left behind to continue slavery under the regime of the secret government...those who survive the pole shift, that is. The very best protection you can give yourself is happiness and a positive outlook, no matter the odds.

For more information about DNA Activation, the Merkabah and Sacred Geometry, and the TRUE nature of this reality, please check out the free videos at

For more information about the deceptions carried out by the secret government, see I encourage EVERYONE to be alert and watch what is going on around you. Look at the skies and see the chemtrails forming cloud cover that, more often that not, is blocking the sun. Why is that?

Begin to understand that YOU are creating your own reality with your thoughts. Whatever you focus your thoughts on is going to manifest in one form or another. LOVE is the answer.

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