Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NEW Scientific Evidence Supporting the Non-terrestrial Origin of Implants

written by Bonnie Jean Hamilton

On April 20, 2009, at the Fifth Annual X-Conference in Washington, D.C., Dr. Roger Leir announced new scientific evidence of the non-terrestrial origin of implants. Dr. Leir works with alien abductees to remove implants from nasal cavities, the brain, arms, and other body parts. He then runs stringent scientific tests on the implants to discover their make-up, origin, and their possible FUNCTION. The following descriptions were given by Dr. Alex Moser, a metallurgical scientist who is assisting Dr. Leir in his work with implant study.

The most recent implant removals had a strong, dark grey coating that could not be cut with a surgical knife. The coating, a type of biological barrier, appeared to be secreting from WITHIN the implant itself. The implants were emitting radio frequencies of 14.7 megahertz and 17.6 gigahertz.

A band of carbon nanotubes was discovered within the implants as well as unusually shaped nanocrystals of sodium chloride (in an orthorhombic structure), indicating advanced engineering of crystals, perhaps for the use of HARVESTING ENERGY. There are thermal, vibrational, and electromagnetic energy sources within the human body.

The combination of elements found within the implants indicates non-terrestrial composition, comparable to meteoric material. However; To date, no carbon nanostructures have ever been found in meteoric material. Electromagnetic analysis suggests a 95% probability that these implants removed from alien abductees are non-terrestrial, functional devices that may serve to MONITOR or CONTROL. According to doctors Leir and Moser, these implants are processed, engineered, and not found in nature.

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Anonymous said...

One being had an advanced weapon which I determined was a *magnetic laser weapon which would track me as I moved around my home either bio metrically or by implant, I sure would like an idea on how to protect against it? It feels ***just like being under an extremely strong magnet making it very difficult to move, and think. I tried grounding myself, and to use nearby shielding to no avail....what an ordeal. This is a weapon we need to defend against...!!! I did a search to see if I could find something like it the closest thing I got was Raytheon's, "microwave crowd control beam weapon", it was not microwaves. In the caves, and near my home the Gray types and Reptilian's make many rather “high frequency screeching sounds” like you get on t.v. interference or like the "brakes of a car" sound, I believe it's their inter dimensional technologies, using probes to come in and out of the area from their locations to mine. I’m still unsure of this, does anyone know about the sounds and their correlating technologies? In researching this further many modern sources say these are souls ie. (frequency energy beings, space beings).

It's being done mainly because these other types of ET"s, Greys, Reptilian Snake beings, insectoid which are more technically advanced and regressive in the way they think and act are working together against humans, abducting women mainly and men for experiments etc.

As we speak somewhere on earth a child is being abducted for food by the reptilian's, and or for DNA by the greys I know!!! According to all law enforcement agencies their are 100,000's of kids and people missing, in the USA every year (WHERE DO THEY ALL GO)? ???