Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am so happy I caught this beautiful blue light ship on film! I was outside in my backyard on April 1, 2011 taking random pictures of the sky, hoping to catch a UFO! And I did! I even got it on video for a few seconds (I'll be sure to post the link for it here)!

Things are happening quickly now. Things are changing. This is our best opportunity to focus totally on LOVE and bring ourselves into a higher frequency and a more expansive state of conscious awareness. Events will accelerate as we go into 2012, so do everything you can now to make positive, uplifting changes in your life.

Many Blessings, Bonnie Jean Mitchell

The Blue Light UFO

This is what the "blue light ufo" looks like in Photoshop CS4 "Plastic Wrap" Filter. It looks like a heart!

Love to All! :D


Chris said...

Interesting photograph. Why did your camera catch such a drastic contrast change between the object and the sky?

Bonnie Jean Mitchell said...

Hi Chris,
I really have no idea why the camera did what it did. I never even saw the blue light ufo with my own eyes! The camera picked it up all on its own.