Saturday, February 17, 2018

Marks Found on Body after Alien Encounter

Did you ever wake up in your bed to find weird marks on your body? It could be a brand new scar, scoop marks, bruises, red dots in geometric patterns, a triangular rash, or any kind of mark that just appeared overnight.

This happens to many, many people all over the world. Most of these people will recall strange events occurring during the night. Perhaps they remember weird sounds, colorful lights, a tingly vibration in the body, or even being paralyzed, unable to move. Some recall screen memories of owls or cats or other small furry creatures.

Others remember the actual details of an alien visitation: unusual beings of different varieties in their bedroom. They can be short or tall, but usually very thin with large bulbous heads and large black eyes, although this is not the only type of ET coming for visits. They might stay right in their own room with the visitors, or they may end up going on a spaceship for an examination or a lesson in psychic skill. Many people who are in frequent contact with the star people/aliens will undergo psychic testing.

No matter what happens during a visitation, there is a chance you will wake up with a brand new mark on your body. It might disappear after a couple days or it may be there forever.

People at the Alien Abduction Help Forum are writing about it:

Strange Marks on My Belly

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New Scars on Left Wrist

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Mystic Scars

If you wake up with a brand new, unexplained mark on your body, try to remember anything you can from the previous night. Write down anything you recall and document your mark with a photo. Pay attention to how long the mark stays. If we all do this kind of recording, we can help each other figure out what is going on.

Feel free to join the Alien Abduction Help Forum and post your story.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


777 Magi of Love and Light We Awaken Thee 777

The dark magicians of the Illuminati use the Key of Solomon as one of their main magikal grimoires. More specifically, they use The Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia as a focus for “magikal work”; that is, if you consider calling and controlling demons to do your bidding “magikal.” To me, Bonnie, it is a sad, pathetic use of the true power within. They are missing the point of being here in the first place: to develop consciousness. The only thing any of us will bring with us when we reach the end of our time on the physical plane is consciousness. Use your time here now to focus on developing your inner self and you will continue to live in full consciousness and never experience death; you will progress to new levels of awareness and higher vibrational frequencies.

Focusing on material “gain” or control over others is a mistake; one that cannot be seen or understood by the sleeping unconscious mass, including the dark magicians; in fact, they are in the deepest sleep there is, unaware of the true power and the true connection to source. Instead, they use any means necessary to achieve their sick, twisted goals. These are evil beings who have plans to “reduce” the population; in fact, they are well underway with their plan. Check out their own AGENDA 21 to read all about it. They are telling us.

Each magikal pentacle from the Key of Solomon represents a particular demon or evil spirit and it also represents a particular part of the human brain. Each pentacle “regulates” a part of the brain. Now…if there was a way, some way, to put a human being into a trance state and insert the coded information within the pentacle through the eye of the human and into the subconscious mind, that particular section of the brain would be triggered, unlocked, and open for programming. So, for all you TV watchers, I ask you…who is doing the deep, deep subconscious programming for your brain?

The people “in charge” of the mass media and every single bit of the programming are entities that are using you as an energy source and a tool for their devices. The television was designed to put and keep people in a highly suggestible, hypnotic state. The development of the TV and the potential of psychological programming was tested extensively in Nazi Germany for many years before the television even became available in the United States in the early 1950’s. The television is a weapon.

How can we overcome the programming on TV? Don’t watch it.

Serge Monast died to bring us the information about Project Blue Beam and the plans to bring about a fake apocalypse. He said that “supernatural forces” would be able to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV), electrical, and phone lines. Mnemonic mind control in mainstream TV - Interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre and John & Bonnie Mitchell

VANCOUVER, BC - In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, John and Bonnie Mitchell of share their expose of Mnemonic mind control technology pervasively embedded in mainstream television, from news broadcasts to sports to public affairs and other programming, making mainstream television a mass mind control weapon. The mnemonic circle technology that is subliminally embedded in mainstream TV is based, according to, on Satanic Illuminatic "spin" trauma-based mind control and induces the mind of the viewer into a hypnotic trance, similar to the CIA "Monarch" mind control. In this hypnotic trance, the viewer accepts the reality broadcast, for example, on the news: That a HAARP induced flood is in fact natural weather; that a 9/11 false flag is in fact a "terrorist attack", etc. Mnemonic circles mind control is a major operative factor used in enmeshing the human population to the matrix reality in an attempt to thwart a positive future timeline for Earth.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Extreme Radio Interviews John and Bonnie Jean Mitchell

“Alien Abduction”…rather, Contact with Multidimensional Beings: Who does it happen to? Is fear blocking you from having encounters you want to experience? Many, many people around the world are visited by “star people”; those benevolent guides from off-planet. Is the government covering up information about extraterrestrials? Is the government even human?

Orgone Energy can help disperse Chemtrails, Faraday Cages can block Electromagnetic Frequencies, Freemasons, Television Mind Control, mneumonic circles on most TV shows (especially the NEWS and SPORTS), Department of Defense is creating the NEWS reports. STOP watching TV!!!

Keep LOVE in your heart and push FEAR AWAY to ascend spiritually to a better, brighter place.

Original uncut ExtremeRadio interview 3 hrs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Used to be Afraid

I used to be afraid, before I realized that I'm really in control and nothing can hurt me. I used to be afraid when the star people first came to see me, when I was a child. They were new to me and I didn't know what would happen. Now I meet them on my terms, on another frequency halfway between mine and theirs and we interact on an entirely different level. These beings are multi-dimensional, existing on a higher frequency than us and helping to guide us to a brighter place.

I only call them star people because that was the best label I could think of at the time. And I haven't changed it. When I was about 19 years old, I called the bad, negative beings "aliens" and the friendly, full-of-love beings "star people." I really didn't know where they were from, exactly (still don't) but I get impression that they are from off-world and most definitely living in a higher dimensional space than us.

In order to see the star people, I had to prove that I was not afraid. At bedtime, if I turned off the lights and made a mad dash for the bed, threw myself under the covers and bundled up to hide myself, the star people would not visit. If I turned the lights off, walked slowly to my bed and calmly got under the blankets and was at peace, there was a real good chance I would have a visit from the good star people. I was in (what I can best describe as) a training program with the star people when I was about 18-23 years of age. I met with them very frequently, about twice a week. Well, it was either them or the secret government and negative beings, but I spent most of my time learning with the good star people. The govt psychics sometimes came around after the visits with my star friends, wanting to ask me questions. These very vivid, real experiences happened during my sleep, for the most part. Normally, the star people take a human right out of their physical body and they interact with their etheric or astral form.

One of the most important lessons they taught me was to never be afraid. They put me through many tests where I had to face my fears. Over the years I have learned that there is never any reason to be afraid. To be alert, yes. To be aware, yes. But never afraid. Being in a state of fear PARALYZES you. Literally. If you want to be in control, move about freely, and learn deep, deep subjects and metaphysical skills, be at peace and never be afraid.

If you cannot feel it yet, you should know that there is a strength within you that is the connection we have with each other and Source (the Oneness, Spirit). When all else fails you, just LET GO and you will find your strength. It is there, waiting for you to feel it inside yourself and use it. The human race has been programmed from birth to believe that life is only one certain way following one certain set of rules; this is not true. We each create our own reality with our third eye. What you see around you is a holographic projection of what you are creating. You can change all of it just by focusing your thoughts on what you want.

Never be afraid. You will see miracles happen.
Many Blessings, Bonnie Jean

Friday, December 21, 2012

Invitation to the Self; journey with the star people

alien abduction book
Invitation to the Self; journey with the star people is a combination autobiography of a life-long contactee and a self-help guide for alien abductees.
It took years of recording my experiences and then analyzing the data to create a document that could be easily understood. My goal is to spread the truth about the alien abduction phenomenon and help those who experience it. Learn about aliens, their methods of abduction, alternate dimensions and realities, military psychics, government involvement, and how to deal with it all.
"In Invitation to the Self, Bonnie Jean Mitchell (formerly Bonnie Jean Hamilton) explains how to face your fears and take control of alien visitations. If you are an abductee who feels like a helpless victim, get ready for a change. You will journey through the typical abduction experience, the secret government and psychic attackers, the transitional phase of moving from one reality to another, energy manipulation, and finally, releasing fear and taking control of life. No matter what your interests may be (abductee, contactee, or simply bewildered by the whole thing), you will be motivated to make positive changes in your own life."

Book Reviews:

Here's to HOPE! Reviewer: "an Abductee"
"I have recently come to terms with the fact that I am an 'abductee.' The acceptance of this left me feeling more lost than ever. If I accepted it, where was I to go with it? I learned that you can't run from it; it'll work its way out somehow. I have spent every night for most of my life afraid, fighting off sleep. Last night was the first night that my apprehension gave me a break, I felt like I had a choice. I cannot describe the feeling of recognition I got while reading your book. All of the memories I couldn't put together or had brushed away as dreams came alive for me. I have read other abduction reading material but it never held a complete string of memories, nothing I could grasp. I see..contactee and star people the memories that are similar as proof that I'm not being attacked, I just needed a different perspective. I'm so grateful that you could put into words what all of this is about, and that it is truly an invitation. It's a new day around here and it's not looking too bad. Your book is a gift.
I can't believe how great I feel, this sadness I have felt all of my life has turned into a rare opportunity. I'm a long way from releasing all of my fears and bad memories, but I can see all of the miscommunication woven thru it all. I can't thank you enough for writing the book. It was a key to a door I would never have known was there. I can't stop thinking of all of the possibilities laid out before me. I'm sleeping like a baby, feeling safe! Somewhere deep inside I know that my message went out loud and clear and It's being respected! I can't thank you enough. I want to progress towards a better relationship with them, where they have their needs met and my boundaries are still intact. Here's to HOPE."

ufo alien abduction 1
Wow!! Reviewer: "Truth Seeker"
"This book is a great insight into the abduction phenomenon - directly from an abductee herself! Detailing first hand accounts of alien and government encounters in other dimensions and realities, this book will keep you reading until the end! Bonnie Jean Hamilton takes the reader on a tour of her amazing experiences and shows some techniques for psychic self-defense. See how she has learned to deal with very real encounters with entities from elsewhere, as well as how she deals with those pesky government agents. This book is filled with the truth and is a must read for anyone looking for more information about what's really going on in regards to the star visitor phenomenon."

Magical! Reviewer: Mr M Delooze.alien implant
"Invitation to the Self is a spiritual alarm clock
A riveting, very well written account of multi-dimensional experiences.
A heart warming, informative and personal description that cannot fail to impress.
Bonnie Jean Hamilton ignites a beacon for all experiencers everywhere. I highly recommend acknowledgment of it.
Invitation to the Self is also a must read for non-experiencers interested in the complexities of multi-dimensional, spiritual contact and alien abduction .
Light and love shines, via the book, through Mrs Hamilton.
Thank You Bonnie."

ufo keyOutstanding. Reviewer: Alex Wolf
" Enchanting, touching, and utterly compelling, this book combines self help with astonishing beauty. Bonnie gives us the keys to unlock doors most of us wouldn't even know were there, gives us courage to step beyond them, as well as offering us a glimpse into the miracles which lay within. This book is a spiritual treasure trove offering wisdom and guidance to those lost and afraid, and doing so with an honesty and an amazing energy that is quite beyond belief. The beauty and wonder of this achivement is quite beyond words, which is ironic, in that words are what it is composed of. Bonnie is an amazingly courageous woman who has to deal with events that would sunder the souls of most individuals, but she is strong and a true heroin. This book offers wisdom and clarity to those willing to open their eyes and see what few of us dare to dream. It enthralled me and enriched my life beyond the telling of it, at its core it is a message and a meaning which applies to everyone, from all walks of life and, indeed, other dimensions and planes of existence. It is about the universality of souls, the Star people are our brothers and sisters, and for those willing to believe, they will enter a world that I'm sure they won't want to leave. Outstanding.... Thanks so much Bonnie"

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Perfect HAARP Storm: SANDY

The Perfect Storm is what they are calling it. The Frankenstorm for Halloween 2012. It's more like The Perfect HAARP Storm. The new term they're using is "hybrid," supposedly because it's a hurricane blending with a cold front. It will form a huge 300-400 mile radius storm that will dump snow and rain on basically the entire east coast of the United States. And it's going to take its time when it gets over top of New York City, their main focus. Two or three high tides will be super high tides, along with the full moon, so there will be flooding.

And all of this is perfectly timed to coincide with the 2012 presidential election. Hmmm. Sounds like part of a dark ritual that the evil magicians are working on. All of this is man-made; the messed up jet stream, the above normal water temperatures, a huge hurricane that formed like magick in the Gulf of Mexico that has conveniently skirted right up the east coast, just far enough out in the warm water to build up more strength before it makes a sharp left-hand turn into "millions of people" (as they like to point out on FOX 666 News).

Geoengineering the climate is not new, although the powers-that-were would like us to believe they haven't started using that technology yet. I say powers-that-were because these sorry individuals are not smart enough to realize that the new and improved power in this world is quickly becoming LOVE, something they don't understand. So they are trying their very, very best to scare us all, keep us dumbed down in fear, and make us believe their fake reality which is coming to a screeching halt. After everyone wakes up to the truth and the fact that LOVE is the real source of power, their game is over.

Keep LOVE in your heart.

HAARP Status Map Readings of HAARP signals on the ionosphere

College of DuPage Next Generation Weather Lab

Intellicast Active Storm Track

NOAA Eastern US Radar

Northeast in Crosshairs of Superstorm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy: Direct Hit on New York, New Jersey, Delmarva October 29 Perfect Storm

Dr Jeff Masters WunderBlog

Hurricane Sandy Bears Down on Eastern US

Marine Weather Atlantic water temperatures

Monday, October 17, 2011

Project Blue Beam - Fake Alien Invasion - Be Aware of This

Through the years I have encountered real, friendly, loving star people who are trying to help those of us who are waking up to free ourselves of the control system currently in place on Earth. I have also encountered negative entities (that I call aliens) who kidnap and torture people. And there is another party involved with the whole alien abduction phenomenon: what I call the Secret Government. The Secret Government is a fairly small group of powerful and influential people who have created the fake history of the world and who are following and carrying out a hidden agenda largely portrayed in television and movies.

The Secret Government is most definitely involved with fake alien abductions. I have personally experienced their fake holographic aliens and I have also discovered "alien suits" made of some type of rubbery material in an underground installation I was brought to. According to abductee and researcher Melinda Leslie, the military abducts alien abductees for information retrieval. I completely agree. Please watch the Melinda Leslie Interview and read the Melinda Leslie Article about RE-ABS (Reverse Engineering of Alien Abductees carried out by military personnel).

Having been involved with the alien abduction phenomenon since I was 4 years old, I have had 40 years to record my experiences, analyze the data, and come to certain conclusions. I have been brave and always kept my eyes open and kept my awareness intact to the best of my ability during all types of alien abductions or visitations from the good star people. I have been observing and learning everything I can, all these years.

There is something that EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW: Project Blue Beam (One of the many sick and twisted tools used by the Secret Government) is very capable of projecting very life-like holographic images into our daily lives as well as when we are sleeping. MANY of the negative "alien abductions" are actually carried out by military personnel under orders of the Secret Government (MILABS).

DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Have you noticed the growing number of aliens in television PROGRAMS and movies? There is a reason for this and it is not to finally release the information to the public. It is to promote their fake alien invasion that will be supported with technology such as Project Blue Beam.

Please do your research. Look up Project Blue Beam, HAARP, and Agenda 21 on the Internet and you will find the truth about the Secret Government's evil plans. Please read NASA's Project Blue Beam by Serge Monast. Here is an example of current holographic technology available to the public -- holograms that you can TOUCH -- so can you imagine what the Secret Government has that they are not disclosing???

Please, everyone, keep love in your heart and strive to know yourself. You are the only one you can truly depend on when you start to see unusual things and hear unusual thoughts in your head. Part of the HAARP technology is mind control. WE will all be able to pull through this, but we each need to know ourselves and sometimes we may even need to question our own thoughts.

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Bonnie & John's video collection concerning the truth about reality:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

July 31-October 28, 2011 The Quickening

July 31, 2011 - October 28, 2011 marks the last time wave in the Mayan 9 Steps of Creation Calendar. John and I just discovered this video called
The Quickening.

“All around the planet hundreds of millions of people are waiting for events to unfold in the year 2012, that they believe will bring either the birth of a harmonious new reality…or the end of the world.
But what if those events were actually to take place THIS YEAR, in 2011?” As of today, August 24, 2011, we are actually in the 5th Night of the final time wave of the Mayan Calendar.

This video takes a look at the Hopi prophecy of the Blue and Red Star Kachinas (Comets Honda & Elenin) in conjunction with the Mayan Calendar charting the Nine Steps of Creation. This calendar is different than the Mayan Long Count Calendar which charts the alignment with our galactic center and its energies on December 21, 2012.

Now is the time to look within yourself, find your self, and fill your heart with love as you let go of the material world and return to unity consciousness. Whatever you think about and focus on, you will manifest quickly. You must let go of your old, outdated behaviors and beliefs and open your mind to new possibilities. If you are filled with fear and doubt, you will manifest the types of experiences you need to overcome them; it is best to find the strength and love within yourself now and realize that a beautiful new dawn of higher consciousness is quickly approaching and those of us living in the light will manifest a good reality for ourselves. The changes in consciousness are already well underway and the cells in our bodies are literally transforming. We are now experiencing 20 day’s worth of time in each single day, so make it something your soul will be proud of. Let’s help one another rise up and ascend from the darkness into the light. Please link this video everywhere you can.

Many thanks to Awakening As One

See Dr. Johan Calleman’s website about the October 28, 2011 end date for the Mayan Calendar.

Take care, everyone. Keep LOVE in your heart and do not worry; if we keep our thoughts on positive, happy things, that is exactly what we will manifest.

Many Blessings, Bonnie Jean Mitchell

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fighting the Negativity

Hello Everyone,

There is a person at my Alien Abduction Help Forum who asked how to deal with all the negativity going around. We've all been dealing with it. It can be stressful on your mind. I know it is difficult to deal with all the different energy waves flying through the air and all the negativity everywhere you turn. There are certain ways you can help yourself rise up and feel better:

1. Get rid of your cellphone. It is a cancer-causing tracking device.

2. Stop watching television. It is a straight up mind control device.

3. Eat local, pure food only. You are what you eat. Literally. Your cells are made up of it. Do you eat processed crap from a box and fast food? Take a look at yourself in the mirror.

4. Stop taking pills and getting shots. Big Pharma is making us sick on purpose to sell us more pills to kill us even quicker. It is all poison for the body.

5. Meditate during the day. Take 5 minutes everyday during your busiest time and just sit. Relax your body and then your mind. Go inward and get rejuvenated.

6. Give up all your bad habits and old, outdated behaviors. They are only holding you back, so work on them right away. Face your fears.

7. Keep LOVE in your heart, no matter what. If you start having negative thoughts, quickly think of something positive. Yes, we are being bombarded with HAARP frequencies and RF energy from cell phone towers (scalar weapons and mind control), among other things. You have to be strong and push out the negativity by shining a light on it!

8. Smile! We're in this together! Remember, you are literally creating your life with your thoughts, so stay positive at all cost! :D

Spread the message!

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Bonnie & John's video collection concerning the truth about reality:

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am so happy I caught this beautiful blue light ship on film! I was outside in my backyard on April 1, 2011 taking random pictures of the sky, hoping to catch a UFO! And I did! I even got it on video for a few seconds (I'll be sure to post the link for it here)!

Things are happening quickly now. Things are changing. This is our best opportunity to focus totally on LOVE and bring ourselves into a higher frequency and a more expansive state of conscious awareness. Events will accelerate as we go into 2012, so do everything you can now to make positive, uplifting changes in your life.

Many Blessings, Bonnie Jean Mitchell

The Blue Light UFO

This is what the "blue light ufo" looks like in Photoshop CS4 "Plastic Wrap" Filter. It looks like a heart!

Love to All! :D