Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Used to be Afraid

I used to be afraid, before I realized that I'm really in control and nothing can hurt me. I used to be afraid when the star people first came to see me, when I was a child. They were new to me and I didn't know what would happen. Now I meet them on my terms, on another frequency halfway between mine and theirs and we interact on an entirely different level. These beings are multi-dimensional, existing on a higher frequency than us and helping to guide us to a brighter place.

I only call them star people because that was the best label I could think of at the time. And I haven't changed it. When I was about 19 years old, I called the bad, negative beings "aliens" and the friendly, full-of-love beings "star people." I really didn't know where they were from, exactly (still don't) but I get impression that they are from off-world and most definitely living in a higher dimensional space than us.

In order to see the star people, I had to prove that I was not afraid. At bedtime, if I turned off the lights and made a mad dash for the bed, threw myself under the covers and bundled up to hide myself, the star people would not visit. If I turned the lights off, walked slowly to my bed and calmly got under the blankets and was at peace, there was a real good chance I would have a visit from the good star people. I was in (what I can best describe as) a training program with the star people when I was about 18-23 years of age. I met with them very frequently, about twice a week. Well, it was either them or the secret government and negative beings, but I spent most of my time learning with the good star people. The govt psychics sometimes came around after the visits with my star friends, wanting to ask me questions. These very vivid, real experiences happened during my sleep, for the most part. Normally, the star people take a human right out of their physical body and they interact with their etheric or astral form.

One of the most important lessons they taught me was to never be afraid. They put me through many tests where I had to face my fears. Over the years I have learned that there is never any reason to be afraid. To be alert, yes. To be aware, yes. But never afraid. Being in a state of fear PARALYZES you. Literally. If you want to be in control, move about freely, and learn deep, deep subjects and metaphysical skills, be at peace and never be afraid.

If you cannot feel it yet, you should know that there is a strength within you that is the connection we have with each other and Source (the Oneness, Spirit). When all else fails you, just LET GO and you will find your strength. It is there, waiting for you to feel it inside yourself and use it. The human race has been programmed from birth to believe that life is only one certain way following one certain set of rules; this is not true. We each create our own reality with our third eye. What you see around you is a holographic projection of what you are creating. You can change all of it just by focusing your thoughts on what you want.

Never be afraid. You will see miracles happen.
Many Blessings, Bonnie Jean

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