Saturday, February 17, 2018

Marks Found on Body after Alien Encounter

Did you ever wake up in your bed to find weird marks on your body? It could be a brand new scar, scoop marks, bruises, red dots in geometric patterns, a triangular rash, or any kind of mark that just appeared overnight.

This happens to many, many people all over the world. Most of these people will recall strange events occurring during the night. Perhaps they remember weird sounds, colorful lights, a tingly vibration in the body, or even being paralyzed, unable to move. Some recall screen memories of owls or cats or other small furry creatures.

Others remember the actual details of an alien visitation: unusual beings of different varieties in their bedroom. They can be short or tall, but usually very thin with large bulbous heads and large black eyes, although this is not the only type of ET coming for visits. They might stay right in their own room with the visitors, or they may end up going on a spaceship for an examination or a lesson in psychic skill. Many people who are in frequent contact with the star people/aliens will undergo psychic testing.

No matter what happens during a visitation, there is a chance you will wake up with a brand new mark on your body. It might disappear after a couple days or it may be there forever.

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If you wake up with a brand new, unexplained mark on your body, try to remember anything you can from the previous night. Write down anything you recall and document your mark with a photo. Pay attention to how long the mark stays. If we all do this kind of recording, we can help each other figure out what is going on.

Feel free to join the Alien Abduction Help Forum and post your story.

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